Born Matteo Di Marcoberardino in Bologna (Northern Italy), the so-called "Molecola" lives in Pescara (Center Italy, on the east coast).
Molecola started in the '80s with 4-track home recording. In the early '90s he started as staff engineer in a small but very cool 24-tracks analog recording studio. After that he slowly went more and more to do front-of-house engineering ending up to do hundreds and hundreds of live gigs, from huge festivals to small clubs, with italian and international artists, all over Italy and Europe. This led to a paradigm shift: he now looks at a live concert as a sort of one-night stand mixing job, so he's been trying to translate that very same approach when mixing recorded music. He's known to go for an organic sound, upfront and focused, no frills. Molecola is also FOH engineer/production manager for "IndieRocket Festival", one of the most renowned independent music festivals in center-southern Italy, held in his hometown since 2004. This provided him further opportunities to meet (and work with) musicians from all over the world.
What Molecola can do for your music is MIX it, be it a multitrack recording or a live show. Of course he can RECORD too, or possibly help the artist in the early stage to put a BASIC SETUP together so that thay can record themselves because they got the necessary skills, getting the most from his experience but being able to stretch the recording process over time based upon their needs. Molecola doesn't do MASTERING, however: he's a strong advocate for not having the music mastered by the same guy/gear who ran the mix (and in the same room), so he's got his trusty mastering engineer.